A Safe Ride to School = Relieved Parents and Happy School

A popular school uses MaxMobility’s economical Location-based Solution to ensure safety of students on school buses

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DPS Ruby Park
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Business Situation :

The client is one of the few schools in Kolkata that provide top-notch educational infrastructure to its students. This included an efficient school transport serviced by a fleet of buses that followed stringent safety regulations. However, traffic problems and erratic driving had increasingly become causes of concern for the school and the parents. Uncertain and late arrivals, over speeding and missing the bus were some common complaints. The client needed a system that would enable a safe journey for the kids by tracking and monitoring the buses as well as messaging their estimated time of arrival at designated stops.

The Solution :

MaxMobility targeted the uncertain factor in the entire situation – the school vehicle. We deployed MaxTrack, our award-winning location-based solution that gave the client a greater degree of control over student safety on school buses. Our Child and Bus Tracking Application gave the authorities a chance to be proactive about safety issues by:

  • Installing a GSM-GPS device to track continuously the location of the bus
  • Creating an online interface that the school could access for real-time information on current speed, distance traveled during the day, number/duration/location of stoppages en route and students’ entry and exit locations/ time, attendance records
  • Providing Estimated time of arrival of buses at designated stops/school
  • Providing sms alerts/live and history reports for daily movement summary, specific exception events like over-speeding, panic button alerts – in case of emergency
  • Giving SMS alerts to parents about the time of arrival of the school bus at stops and when it reached the school. Parents can also track the current location of the bus through SMS.

Business Results :

Besides setting new standards for student safety, the school got an unprecedented control over every aspect of their fleet of buses:

  • Complete visibility of their fleet - Through a user-friendly online interface, the school now tracked and recorded fleet usage and performance.
  • Bus travel safer for kids – Cases of over speeding and rash driving reduced drastically after the solution was deployed. There were no unnecessary detours and undue stoppages as drivers came under scrutiny.
  • Student attendance also came under scanner with generation of automated reports of their boarding, disembarking time.
  • It gave peace of mind to parents who could now text “TRACK” to a number and get current location of the bus. Moreover, they could also get instant alerts when:
    • The bus came to pick up or drop the child
    • The child reached school
    • The child left the bus at any stop other than the regular one
    • The bus had any undue stoppage or took another route
    • There were emergency situations / rescheduling of buses