Child Tracking

MaxTrack improved the educational institution's day-to-day school bus operations by helping them monitor and manage the fleet. With MaxTrack installed in their school buses, they can now easily track the movement of all the buses and also receive alerts for violations such as idling for more than 15 minutes, braking, acceleration and speeding through email and SMS. MaxTrack also makes it simple for the school to help identify misused vehicles, unauthorized trips or entry into areas that the vehicles are not permitted. Additional security measures such as Biometric and RFID integration are implemented to track the entry and exit of students from the school bus. With MaxTrack on its side, the school can now handle parental concerns immediately; respond to emergencies or bus breakdowns by locating the nearest vehicle available for assistance and increase driver accountability. The Fleet Maintenance module is an additional benefit for the institution that helps in extending vehicle life.

Why MaxTrack Child Tracker?

  • MaxTrack is a unique and powerful hosted transport solution for complete control and timely communication regarding the school bus fleet anytime.
  • MaxTrack uses GPS to continually track the school bus and sends SMS alerts to parents of students whenever the bus starts and when the bus reaches one/two stops (or 5 to 10 minutes) before each student's stop.
  • MaxTrack is a centralized transport system which helps the transport managers of schools to function more efficiently and more in control of their fleet while provides more safety to school children and the assurance to their parents that the school buses are always monitored.
  • MaxTrack sends overspeeding alerts to school authorities in case the driver exceeds the set speed limit.

Why MaxTrack?

Schools and parents can monitor buses, their routes and incidents of over-speeding

Personnel management in industries that require frequent field operations

Radio taxi companies for quick dispatch, efficient monitoring and passenger and vehicle safety

Our Clients

Maxtrack Advantage

  • Unparalleled supply chain management
  • BPO for real-time tracking of vehicles for maximum staff security
  • Mobile machines, like earth moving equipment, that are deployed at different sites