MaxTrack solution consists of a GPS/GSM device along with an easy to use online application that can be accessed from any computer using the internet. Each user will be provided with a secure login to track and monitor their mobile assets. The MTrack suite of products provides the following services:



MTrack gives you real-time GIS location on the map. You can track:


  • your vehicle on the move
  • route of the vehicle
  • speed at which it is moving
  • distance traveled
  • number of stoppages en route
  • the vehicle on your mobile phone anytime anywhere. Users can send Track to a short code say 55200 and get the live location of the vehicle via SMS


With the help of MTrack, clients can control their vehicles through:


  • Setting up speed limits: Any violations of the speed limit will set out immediate SMS alerts
  • Creating geo-fences: You can restrict your vehicle from entering or leaving certain areas
  • Creating park-fences: Once the vehicle is parked, MTrack surrounds it with an automatic fence which, if violated, sends out timely alert
  • Immobilizer: Clients can activate remote engine immobilizer that stops forced moving of the vehicle
  • Creating way-points: You can select destinations that the vehicle must cross en route. Violations are immediately reported


Our products will keep you updated through the following reports:


  • Summarized daily report lays out vehicle movement on daily basis
  • Kilometer report gives an account of distance covered
  • Over-speeding report buzzes you whenever a set speeding limit is crossed
  • Stoppage report notify about location, time and duration of any stoppage
  • Panic button report is sent out whenever the driver perceives any emergency
  • Geo-fencing violation report is sent out whenever vehicle violates restricted area selected by the user
  • Park fencing breach report is sent out when the vehicle is forcefully moved
  • Way-points report details vehicle info at each selected destination
  • Automated SMS Alerts on specific exception events like over-speeding, device tampering and violation of park-fences and geo-fences


MTrack also offers data backup of the vehicle movement. These can be exported in the form of Excel or PDF format. You can have immediate access to map displays and reports for last 30 days. Backup time period extensions are also offered on additional charges.


The Maxtrack suite tracks mobile assets, plugs pilferage, secures vehicle fleet and maximizes ROI. It also enables our clients to make smarter and timelier management decisions after analyzing useful reports.


Industry-specific uses of MaxTrack:


  • Unparalleled supply chain management
  • Radio taxi companies for quick dispatch, efficient monitoring and passenger and vehicle safety
  • Personnel management in industries that require frequent field operations
  • Schools and parents can monitor buses, their routes and incidents of over-speeding
  • Any public emergency service, like police and ambulance that require immediate dispatch and timely help
  • BPO for real-time tracking of vehicles for maximum staff security
  • Personal vehicle tracking
  • Mobile machines, like earth moving equipment, that are deployed at different sites