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Field Force Management

From real-time user tracking to attendance to expense claims, our MaxTrack WFT solution helps manage the on-field sales team efficiently.

Reduce Manual Entry and Paperwork

Because of constant monitoring & getting information quickly, your sales team will spend less time on administrative tasks & more time on selling.

Time & Attendance Management

No need to use any type of attendance management system for your field force as the MaxTrack WFT solution allows your organization to manage the daily attendance status & fieldwork in real-time.

Instant Alerts & Notification

Our MaxTrack WFT app allows you to create automatic notifications or reminders for sales reps based on their tasks and assignments.

Real Time Location Tracking

Get the current location of your field force on the map, view what was the route taken from the beginning, shortlist the location if needed and analyze the distance traveled by your on-field sales reps.

Route Optimization

Not only monitor where your field force visited but also suggest to them the most optimum route & reduce the cost through quick & easy route planning for your on-field sales reps.

Effective Geo-Tagging

Update information about every visit so that you can always monitor the up-to-date, following geographical identification of each & every visit for visual verification.

Historical Location

Get the best out of your sales force with foolproof field sales performance enablement with MaxTrack WFT. Track field activities and monitor previous historical locations efficiently.

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FAQ Section

MaxTrack WFT is an all-in-one solution to seamlessly track, monitor, & manage your field workforce.
A complete all-in-one platform with sales & delivery service automation for manufacturers, distributors, retailers and end consumers.
After installing the MaxTrack WFT application on the phone, you just need to start the application and enter the identity of your employee.
From real-time user tracking to attendance to expense claims, our MaxTrack WFT solution helps you to manage the on-field sales team efficiently.
Yes, you can check the History location of your field force for a selected time period on the map or in report form.
MaxTrack WFT helps you to remain in contact with your staff while they are at work on the field. This helps you to track your personnel in real-time.
Maxtrack WFT is a one-of-a-kind offering in this space. We don't want to compare apples to oranges. We support hundreds of workflows out of the box through just configuration changes, making our system extremely customizable by design!
From start-ups to large FMCG and CPG, whose entire business model is based on their field force can use MaxTrack WFT as their field force management solution.
With the passion to innovate and zeal to deliver results, all products developed at the MaxMobility labs can help your business embrace Digital Transformation as easily as eating pie.
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