Never let your vehicles go out of the sight. Maxtrack solution consists of a GPS/GSM device along with an app which sends real-time location of the vehicles and movement reports of so that you can act immediately in case of any accident or misuse.

Fleet Tracking
School Bus Tracking
Waste Management
Workforce Tracking

Measurable RoI in Weeks

  • Field Rep Productivity
  • Reduction in Cost
  • Increase in Sales Orders
  • Service to Delivery Cycle

Stalk and keep stock of your business assets

Track school buses, trucks, mobile hoardings, public transport, garbage vans, company sponsored fleet taxis, and even Earth moving equipment. Whether you’re a governmental agency, construction agency, educational institution, or an enterprise, you can monitor any kind of vehicle.

When everything can be tracked digitally through automated kilometer reports, day reports, historical reports and track fleet usage and performance reports, your administration can focus on more important things than paperwork!

Get an alert on your location-tracking field service management software any time there is a detour in the plan. From undue stoppages, non adherence to daily kilometer run, overspeeding, to deviation of path, you will be instantly notified.

Anything can happen on the road, but we don’t take that chance! Safety of field force is of utmost importance so we have provided a panic button which if pressed will inform you of the driver and vehicle’s location so that assistance can be rushed.

Anxiety over lost consignment will never be a problem for your end consumers with this field service management software. They will receive instant SMS alerts when the vehicle reaches certain milestones on the way, is about to reach the destination, has undue stoppages, takes a detour, or faces an emergency. Over and above that, receivers can SMS “TRACK” to 55200 to get the current location of the truck. Planning will be as easy as sitting through a F.R.I.E.N.D.S marathon for your consignment officer!

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